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Would You Let Your Child Pack Your Lunch For Work?


While the thought of your child packing your lunch may just seem like an adorable idea, this may actually be a lesson worth exercising here that’s a lot more than meets the eye. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is encouraging parents all over the world to let their kiddos in on the lunch packing festivities to start truly honing in on those excellent eating habits as early as possible to ensure a lifetime of (hopefully) smart nutrition.

Oliver advises that all parents should allow their children to roam around the grocery store with them and discuss not only what they think are yummy choices, but maybe even what foods they aren’t familiar with to pack a powerful educational punch just running to get milk! He also feels that everyone should learn how to prepare foods, and a variety of them so that they are independent and can fend for themselves in the kitchen for years to come. His best tips are to start teaching and incorporating your little ones in the meal process and lunch packing tasks as young as they can tolerate the conversation. Starting off with small tasks while they help you cook, such as collecting herbs, measuring ingredients, and getting drinks ready for the table.

Recently featured in The Chronicle, The ‘Pack Your Parents Lunch” experiment is a collaboration of Woolworths’ Fresh Food program, along with Free Fruit for Kids that is ongoing at local supermarket where the little shoppers can pick up a piece of free fruit in the produce section. Within the last year, it’s been reported that over 18 million pieces of free fruit have been picked up in stores. They’re linking this healthy habit to now producing small bags of fruit for children that has a going price of $2.50 per bag and it’s filled with fruits that are the ideal size for tiny hands! Healthy living is something you need to start at home; the more kids see their parents making smart food choices, the easier it will be for them to live a long, healthy life full of eating well and building a strong body and mind.





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