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Light Exercise, 30 Minutes Daily, Has Big Health Benefits


We all are aware of the benefits of a regular exercise routine, but many attribute lack of time to do so as one of the main reasons why we refrain from physical activity daily. However, new research stemming from Sweden has revealed that replacing sitting time with light exercise, done 30 minutes daily, has its health benefits.

In fact, the study revealed that replacing 30 minutes of sitting per day with walking, housework, standing, or any such low-intensity activity can decrease the chances of mortality around cardiovascular disease from up to 24%.

Past studies have revealed that prolonged sitting can be dangerous to an individual’s health. Those who sit for over ten hours each day, versus those who sit for less than 6.5 hours daily, have a 2.5 times greater chance of early death; which makes getting up and moving around a necessity for anyone who sits a lot for their job.

The researchers reviewed numbers on just over 850 women and men who participated in the Attitude Behavior and Change population-based Swedish study. Data round physical activity was gathered using Actigraph accelerometers and figures around causes of death and deaths were collected using the country’s registry system and were followed up on approximately within 14 years.
It turned out that 79 of the individuals had died during the follow-up: 27 due to cancer, 24 from cardiovascular conditions, and 28 due to ‘other causes’.

The team reviewed the activity data versus the causes of death and deaths (themselves) to discover that light exercise was linked significantly to a 24% decrease in risk of early death caused my cardiovascular illnesses and an 11% decrease in risk of death when it came to ‘other causes’.

Medical News Today revealed that just by replacing that sitting time with only 10 minutes of vigorous-to-moderate intense activity was connected to a 38% decrease in risk for cardiovascular illnesses, and 30 minutes was connected to a 77% decreased risk.

The study authors noted the uniqueness of their, as they were able to review a large pool of individuals and measure their activity for over 14 years.





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