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Limits In Human Longevity


How long can humans live? Many expect to live long happy and healthy lives, but what does that really mean? In this day and age we have certainly benefits our lives with making exercise and dieting more popular. It took a long time but we forced fast food chains such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s to have “healthy” alternatives to their menus. So we have come a long way and we are finding that people are now living longer, moving up to 70, and 80 plus years. In the last 100 years the longevity rate went up to 20% but we still have limitations it seems. There was only one person that lived to be 120 in all that time.

Shocking isn’t it? With all our modern advances and technology. With all the information at our fingertips these days and with the new trends of keeping our bodies looking a feeling younger every day. Even then we have a hard time breaking into the 100 year phase. So it raises the question as to whether or not humans have a maximum age they can live nowadays. In the biblical times people lived for 400 years but that was also a very different time. There are some animals like the whale who can live for 200 years and the quahog clam that lives for 400 years. So are we as humans only destine to live a measly 100 or less years?

The only thing that seems to be hindering our ability to live longer is the accumulation of damage in our bodies that causes the ageing process. And technology today is certainly working towards extending the ageing process so that we live longer but unfortunately it’s a slow process. At this rate we are only gaining 1 more year of life for every 5 years of advancement in technology. Our lifespan at this point is based off of the quality and type of medicines available to us with technology. There truly is hope that more changes will be made to extend our lives since many things today have been discovered that have help cure things that killed many people many years ago. So the idea is there that future things can be discovered to further prolong our lives.

But is there a maximum age? No matter what advances come along can we get past the 120 year range or can we only hope to get as close to 120 as we can?

Some researchers certainly believe there is a cap and that they can only try to help you live as close to that number as possible but there is no going past 120 years.

Other however believe differently. There are some that have a goal of providing discoveries ad technology that break through the idea that we have a maximum age. They want to provide an infinity of healthy life spans by fixing the damage in our bodies that cause the ageing process to occur.

So it’s quite possible humans will live well beyond 120 years and time will certainly tell.





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