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Lip Injections Still Growing In Popularity, But Are They Safe?


With the tremendous influence that social media currently has on appearances, it should come as no surprise that lip injection procedures are happening more and more everyday. You can blame it on Kylie Jenner, or you can say this has been happening since Angelina Jolie and Kelly LeBrock graced the silver screen with their famous lips, but ultimately, it’s the client’s desire to go through with a procedure to alter their lips for all to see.

Perhaps it seems unnecessary, or not something you personally would go through, but for millions of people (mostly women) having their face look the way they want it, is a form of self confidence. If someone strongly dislikes a part of their appearance, it often bleeds into their emotions, and even how their relationships with their partners. If a lip injection does the trick, and makes someone feel better about themselves, then what’s the harm, right?

According to Refinery 29, in 2016 alone there were 27,000 lip injection procedures performed sin the United States alone. This figure has grown so much that the 2016 total procedures is a whopping 1,000% increase from the amount of patients that had it done in the year 2000. While this may not be surprising, there can be some disastrous consequences to lip procedures. In the same article online provided by Refinery 29, you learn of a woman that sadly began to develop cysts around her lips, and had to seek medical treatment to correct the issue.

Other risks of lip injections are swelling, lips resulting in a lob-sided effect having one much larger than the other, infections, scarring of the lips, and so on. Definitely do yourself a favor, and research all the possible side effects of this procedure prior to having it done, and go to a doctor that has a wonderful reputation for healthy, safe results.





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