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Local Charity Donates Over 300 Cans of Bug Spray to Help Outdoor Homeless Community


When you pass a homeless person on the streets, what does it make you think about? For some, it certainly makes them appreciative of their lives, and others may not experience compassion for these individuals, as everyone seems to have a firm opinion on the homeless community one way or another. There definitely are some environmental aspects to consider when realizing what it must be like to be homeless. For instance, the day to day weather challenges that may pose a threat to someone spending their entire day outdoors. If you’re residing in a warm climate where bugs are problematic year round, then this adds just one more thing to concur for these folks…until now that is.

The team at the Homeless Ministry of Brooksville Inc. recently delivered some much appreciated insect repellent sprays to many homeless in the Florida community. Mosquito bites aren’t just annoying or itchy, but they can often lead to serious illnesses that can leave you hospitalized. For those without the finances to purchase bug sprays, steering clear of these dangerous insect bites can be impossible. This is where some compassion and help from the Homeless Ministry of Brooksville comes into play, as they have collected over 300 spray cans for those who need it most. The insect repellent was given out to the Hernando County homeless group as an extension of the Zika Challenge, which is a UF/IFAS program that provides awareness education regarding mosquito bite prevention.

The initiative and hard work was well received, as the homeless community quickly starting applying the sprays, and many have requested more cans from the organization to maintain safe skin free of bites.

You can read more about this philanthropic effort featured in the Hernando Sun here, and certainly start your own bug spray donation campaign to distribute to your local homeless charity if you wish to be a part of the solution!





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