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How Long Does Your Beloved Hand Sanitizer Last?


It’s everywhere. It’s clipped to your child’s backpack. It’s proudly displayed on your desk at work. You can’t get away from it on any regular day, and it’s this beloved hand sanitizer habit that we just become obsessed with in effort to avoid germs and sickness. Some 68% of Americans commonly use hand sanitizer according to Reader’s Digest, but of that nearly 70% of the population, hardly any are aware of how long the actual benefits can last keeping you germ free.

Dr. Philip Tierno, who is the director of a clinical microbiology center at NYU advises that the hand cleaning routine lasts a mere minute, maybe two at best. Shocked? So is the rest of the country, as for years we’ve all been assuming this serum had the ability to keep us free from developing colds or the flu, when in reality, it’s only protecting us for a few minutes in time.

Don’t give up on your healthy hand sanitizing habit so soon though, a reports are still claiming that those that use them a few times a day are still much less likely to be trapped in an illness. While the best method to steer clear of germs is to always wash thoroughly with soap and water, the fact still remains that when you don’t have those resources around, you can substitute with hand sanitizer and it’s certainly better than nothing. When you do have a sink around, then always use that as the best practice. Encouraging your kids to have good hand washing habits is also a wonderful measure to start as early as possible. Experts reveal that the earlier we begin to instill these healthy habits in our little ones, the quicker we might be able to start eliminating the nonstop germs they’re exposed to at school.





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