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Is Looking at Your Smartphone Making You Sick?


Are you like most and worry about the amount of time you’re spending on your smartphone? You aren’t alone, and many are getting wise to how staring into that screen for hours upon hours can affect their life. Aside from the fact that living through your phone can cause you to literally miss out on life that is happening right in front of you, it can also have medically proven health challenges develop as well.

There’s an epidemic of millions of people walking around town unbelievably tired and having trouble getting through the day without yawning. Decades ago, no one was waking up in the middle of the night and getting on Facebook to surf the many posts of their friends. Instead, most would turn over and fall back to sleep, but such is no longer the case. Thousands are spending hours looking into their phones for hours before bedtime, and as soon as they wake up.

Women’s Health Magazine reported that experts believe that if you continue to watch your smartphone screen into the wee hours of the night that it results in smothering the levels of melatonin in your body. This is a much needed hormone that controls your brain telling it that it is time for sleep, so when you alter that, it disrupts your rest. That’s not all that can be interrupted by messing with your melatonin levels, as it’s also been linked to brain fog, suppressed immunity, a decrease in mental health, and heart problems.

Health experts encourage you to swap out the artificial light abuse you get from excessively using your phone, and replace that habit with reading. This will help you get to sleep better at night, and also decrease the abuse you’re imposing on your eyes as well.





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