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Maintain Strong Vision With These Healthy Eyesight Tips


Some things we simply have no control over as we age, such as at what age will our vision start to go south; or do we? Just as keeping a daily beauty routine can help stall the skin aging process, there are some tried and true ways that one can try to preserve their vision longer than normal as well. Some experts believe the better we take care of ourselves as a whole, the better quality our vision will be. Certainly, there will be exceptions to this rule and some of you are assuming you are totally healthy in every possible way and suffer from horrible vision, but for the most part, the theory does make sense. to keep your eyes functioning in tip top shape, look into the helpful tips that Wicked Local Bridgewater has outlined:

  • Diet- Like most things about keeping good health work, eating a well-balanced diet can also improve the health of your vision. Lots of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and foods such as broccoli, kale, and peppers can also add to your vision.
  • Wear Sunglasses Always- Even if it’s cloudy out, it is a great best practice to always rock the shades. Many optometrists believe that cataracts can be long put off or prevented entirely by wearing eye protection in the sun. Even tossing on a big hat for those days when you’re frolicking at the pool or doing some gardening isn’t a half bad idea either. The more you expose your bare eyes to the sunlight, the greater your chances of developing cataracts will be.
  • No Smoking-This is always cause for concern when optometrists are involved as millions of smokers have no idea the impact smoking can have on their eyes that can last forever. Smokers commonly develop macular degeneration as well as cataracts, so the sooner you kick the habit, the better for your vision!
  • Stay Fit- Obesity can lead to several ailments as far as your health is considered such as diabetes. Diabetes can seriously put your eyesight in jeopardy, and often all too late. Those that stay healthy and active on a regular basis have a much better track record with their vision well into their senior years.

Have your eyesight checked annually, and every 6 months if you have any special circumstances that may be preventing you from seeing at your best potential. If you have been experiencing headaches frequently or notice you may be having difficulty seeing up close or far away, make an appointment immediately to have a checkup with your local optometrist.





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