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Is Your Makeup Bad For Your Health?


You can’t walk into a grocery store anymore without noticing a huge shift in the way people have taken an interest in their health. There are rows and rows of organic products that never even existed just a few year ago, as everyone is becoming well versed in the old theory “you are what you eat”. That same theory is being applied to everything you put on and into your body, from shampoos, to body lotions with consumers seeking the most natural, paraben free, sulfate free line of products. This is where millions of women are starting to take note of how their makeup can also have an effect on their skin and body as a whole. Is your makeup bad for your health?

Makeup contains tons of elements that are totally perishable, or elements that expire. While there are different ways that makeup can have a toll on your health, most cosmetic shoppers look for non oil based products in fear of developing acne breakouts or clogged pores of some sort, but as of recently, many are starting to learn more and more about the effects of using expired makeup products.

Expired cosmetics are traitorous for your skin as the molecules once they have passed the due date have begun to start breaking down, and can easily start to irritate your delicate skin around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The 12 news website recently depicted the scary truth about this very topic, advising that the continuous use of expired makeup can result in bumpy, red, dry, blistering skin that is prone to rashes and various symptoms of dermatitis.

Some great tips to live by when using cosmetics:

-Try to replace your mascara every 90 days at the most
-Eye makeup such as liners and shadows need replaced after six months
-Lipsticks have a shelf life of 12-18 months
-Foundations, cover up sticks, and powders need replaced after one year
-Wash out sponges on a weekly basis, and shampoo and air dry makeup brushes as much as possible

It appears that often women fall short of replacing their makeup around the expiration dates simply because they are expensive and would rather try to stretch out those last few weeks of using the old bottles. This is where being responsible for your skin and health often supersedes spending a few extra dollars on new makeup. Take a look at your makeup supply today, and you might just be surprised with how many cosmetics you have acquired over the years that are due for tossing out.





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