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Managing Mental Health During The Coronavirus


Pandemics, like the one the world is currently facing with the coronavirus, can take a toll on anyone’s anxiety and mental health. It is vital to stay abreast of the situation; however, there are many things individuals can do to ensure their mental wellbeing is intact, during these difficult times.

Stay Connected

As most governments are advising social distancing, this means many more individuals will be homebound 24/7 according to Mental, avoiding workspace and regular social gatherings, which can take a toll on one’s mental health. Hopelessness around this new way of life can also mount anxiety.

This is why staying connected with friends and family is vital. Ensure to call those closest to you on a daily basis. Texting and email is also a great way to reach out, and if video messaging is a great option to actually “see” loved ones, without being there in person.

Avoid Information Overload

Connecting to social media for updates on your network, and the status of this coronavirus, is one thing, but scrolling through the feeds of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on multiple occasions throughout the day can be take its toll on your mental health.

You certainly want to remain up to date on what is going on with the outbreak, but even watching the news around the clock can heighten anyone’s anxiety. Try setting up two times within the day to watch the news and staying informed; with your best options being once in the morning and once during the evening. Ensure that you are reviewing reputable sources when being fed information, to know that the news you are getting is fact, versus speculation or rumor.

Create A “New” Routine

Make mental health a priority by trying to establish a new routine, especially those who are homebound for most of the day. Create a daily schedule of activities that can help keep you busy. Some are still working from home; however, waking up at the same time you normally do and filling it with a new exercise routine may help. If possible, try and get some fresh air from your backyard during the day. Add relaxation techniques to your routine, think about trying some new (homebound) hobbies, or dive into a good





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