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How Many Ounces Of Water Do You Need While Pregnant?


Are you pregnant and wondering if you’re getting enough water to grow a healthy little boy or girl? Maybe you just want to stay on track and ensure everything is going as well as possible? According to Mother Rising Birth, this is super important for all expecting Moms, as dehydration during pregnancy can result in miscarriages.

According to Mother Rising Birth, there seem to be a few details that need to be thought of prior to determining your exact water intake requirements, as everyone is going to have varying circumstances. For example, where you live, if you reside somewhere that is warm, dry, and sunny frequently you’re going to have to gulp down a few more ounces to accommodate that need.

If you happen to be an active pregnant Mommy that partakes in sports such as walking, swimming, or cycling during your pregnancy then you’ll need to keep an eye on how much water you consume as well. For those Mammas that may be chasing around their older children all day long on top of being pregnant, you too will likely need to have a decent flow of water around. You could be just running the house all day cleaning and cooking for your little ones and accrue over 10K steps without ever leaving the house, which is roughly 4-5 miles you trekked indoors all day! That means drink up Mom, because if you don’t experts reveal you will feel the effects of dehydration at some point during the day. Being pregnant means eating for two, and most moms-to-be never seem to forget this part, but they quickly forget that means drinking enough for two also.

A great way to keep up on your water intake is to track it on a fitness or wellness app all day long. Most apps allow you to scan a water bottle barcode, or you simply add the ounces into the daily log and you’re good to go. Set yourself reminders if need be, but it is of the utmost importance to stay hydrated to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.





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