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Maple Leaf Extract May Help Skin The Same Way Botox Does


New research has emerged around maple leaf extract being used to avoid wrinkles, much like Botox does … minus the injections. Senior investigator of the new study, Professor Navindra P. Seeram,
Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences within Kingston’s University of Rhode Island, gathered his colleagues to focus on the therapeutic aspects of the maple leaf. He explained that Native Americans had once used red maple tree leaves within their medicine system, which made the team question why they should ignore this leaf.

Medical News Today revealed that even studies in the past have boasted about the health effects of maple tree leaves, and this new study focuses on the dermatological benefits it may provide.

As the study team explains, a maple tree leaf’s elasticity is caused by a protein within known as elastin. As person ages, an enzyme referred to as elastase reduces this protein, which causes wrinkles. The team was curious to see if maple leaf extract, which they took from maple trees, would block elastase’s activity. The team’s focus was within the leaves compounds, called glucitol-core-containing gallotannins (GCGs).

Within the research, the team looked at GCGs’ ability to inhibit elastase’s activity. The team used computational analysis to see which GCGs could effectively stop elastase.

The study revealed GCGs that comprise multiple galloyl groups were far more effective at blocking elastase.

The team is eager to transfer these findings and extracts into skincare products, and have already created a formula that has these GCGs, dubbed “Maplifa”; it would be like a plant-based Botox alternative that would appeal to clients who are eager to use natural skincare products.

While many botanical ingredients generally come from the Mediterranean, India, and China; red maple and sugar maple grow exclusively in the eastern regions of North America. According the Seeram, this might also help boost local economies in these areas, thanks to skincare products that use maple-based ingredients.





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