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Married Couples Have a Better Chance of Surviving A Heart Attack


Being married is often one of the most joyful experiences you can have in life. You’ve found a partner to share everything with, and someone to make memories that you both will treasure forever. Even better news for those who’ve taken the plunge and got married, as research is now proving that being married is good for your health!

The BBC recently reported that a team at Aston Medical School carried out a medical study that discovered married folks have a higher chance of surviving heart attacks. The study consisted of married and single participants, all of which were living with blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetic challenges. Interestingly enough, 16% more of the married participants between 50-70 years old, that had high cholesterol, were still living following a 14 year study. An identical result was reported for those with high blood pressure, and diabetes both groups also having an increased survival rate.

The opposite results came in for the single participants, or those widowed, divorced, or separated. The researchers also noted that they didn’t have any knowledge if the married couples were even happily married or not. The research team is of the mindset that what makes the difference in these results from the study is having someone that is supportive at home. Someone that takes an interest in your health, versus cohabitation with boyfriend or a living arrangement that doesn’t allow for a loved one to support you 24 hours around the clock. Married spouses typically know all about their husband or wife’s health history as well, making it easier to communicate any issues with a medical team if the patient cannot speak for themselves due to trauma, or something serious like being in the midst of a heart attack.

Doctors aren’t suggesting now that everyone who is single run off to the nearest chapel and get married to benefit their health; but they are implying that having someone you trust check in with you periodically regarding your health could be extremely beneficial for everyone. This could be a designated neighbor, a close friend, or a coworker. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a note card around that depicts any health conditions that you have been treated for, or list previous surges, or allergies so that if you should ever need paramedics, or treatment in a hurry, they already know your medical history to proceed accordingly. Medical bracelets can also often take the guesswork out of your next hospital trip as well.





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