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Why You May Want To Stop Using That Beloved Derma Roller…


Everyone wants gorgeous, smooth skin; especially on their face, and some are willing to reach for the newest “go-to” beauty item to get that glowing complexion regardless of the health precautions.

How can caring for your skin possibly pose a threat? It’s simple, we now live in a world of wanting everything immediately with an even stronger desire to do as much as possible from the comfort of our own homes. Even services such as dermatology treatments like derma rolling can now be done from your bathroom versus paying a fortune to have these things administered at a physician’s office. while this may be tempting to jump onboard and run out and purchase a derma roller, beware what dermatologists have to say about using this product at home.

There is no skin specialist that isn’t going to encourage you to try to maintain healthy skin, but they will advise you to leave the derma rolling to the experts. Moneyish revealed that the reason is because the needles that are manufactured on the home versions of the device are not big enough to actually create the holes in the face that will increase that collagen production.

Then there’s the issue of not properly sterilizing the derma rolling tools then placing them on your face. This can lead to developing major skin concerns such as eczema, rashes, acne, and even inflammation issues.

It’s best to leave these medical treatments up to the professionals and totally avoid potentially damaging your skin. You only get one shot of showing a beautiful face during those first impression meetings, so make certain that you’re doing all the right things like drinking lots of water, and washing your face before bed to get all the makeup off. Seek a quick consultation with a local dermatologist to address any concerns your may have with your skin, and you’ll see how quickly a brief conversation with a specialist can have you on your way to younger, smoother skin in no time.





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