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McDonald’s Kale Salad Comparable To Its Big Mac?


While McDonald’s continues to try and improve its menu, offering so-called healthier meal options; the truth is, some health experts are stating that these items are comparable to their other not-so-healthy food items.

Take McDonald’s new kale salad options. This green, uber-healthy vegetable has become a highlight in superfood trends as of late; and has become a focus as it relates to some of McDonald’s menu item options. So, a kale salad, as such, sounds healthy … so it should be healthy, right? Wrong! The Mickey D’s kale salad actually contains more fat, sodium, and calories than that of a Big Mac.

McDonald’s details on its website about their chicken salad, and that contains fresh parmesan petals, as well as a mineral-packed lettuce blend, including baby kale.” Still, once a person adds the Asiago Caesar dressing that comes with salad, and orders the fried ‘crunchy chicken’ version (versus the grilled chicken option); the salad may not be as nutritious as one might think. As per the numbers McDonald’s provides, the salad hits 53 grams of fat, 730 calories, and 1,400 milligrams of salt. Someone could consume three McDonald’s hamburgers to equal the same stats of the above salad. In fact, a Double Big Mac contains less calories and fat than the chicken Caesar, although it does have a slightly higher saturated fat content.

Amidst dropping sales, Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO, declared in 2015 that the organization would be adding kale to its menus, planning to turn a greener leaf, and move into a more progressive burger company. Sadly, with the above numbers, it seems that at the end of the day, nothing has really changed.

What’s even more unfortunate, is the idea that there are maybe no true health options when it comes to fast food.





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