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Mediterranean Diet Can Decrease Breast Cancer Risk


More good news for those who love to follow the Mediterranean diet! From past research, we know the health and weight loss benefits linked to this way of eating, however, a new study is suggesting that it may also decrease chances of a postmenopausal form of breast cancer, referred to as estrogen-receptor-negative.

The research took place in the Netherlands where over 62,000 females aged 55-69 logged their eating habits for over two decades, beginning in the year 1986. As the study progressed, over 3,350 of the women got breast cancer. After taking cases out, due to cancer history or incomplete data around their diet, the study revealed there was 2,321 breast cancer cases. In the end, the research team found that the postmenopausal estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer was 40 percent less likely to occur for those who followed the Mediterranean diet.

Those who adhere to the Mediterranean diet reach for plant-based foods mostly, like legumes, fruits, unrefined grains, fish, and of course, olive oil. The diet does have a focus on small portions of wine, however as there is a connection between breast cancer and alcohol, it was omitted from the research.

CNN reported that while there are differing variations of the Mediterranean diet, for the purpose of the study, following it to the ‘T’ was an important factor. Past studies have revealed the diet is linked to longer living, healthy bones, and a decreased risk of other cancers and cardiovascular disease.

A focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet is a huge factor when it comes to prevention methods and breast cancer … it is also one of the easier things that one can change, opposed to genetics or other outside factors. With this, it makes it no surprise that the plant-based foods and fish enveloped in the Mediterranean diet makes it a good choice when it comes to decreasing the risks of breast cancer.





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