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Meghan Markle Makes Headlines Over The Way She Holds Her Own Baby


Yes, you read that correctly, people are actually “mom shaming” the new mother for the manner in which she was holding her two month old son in public recently. Mom shaming has been gaining popularity within the last few years, and while millions of women are sticking up for these parents being bullied online, there still seems to be the notion that if someone does something differently than you that it’s acceptable to bash them in a public forum. This type of behavior is exactly what so many parents are fighting for to keep their children safe from online bulling and here we are in 2019 watching the adults do it to someone they don’t even know. Kind of puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?

Meghan was merely at a public setting playing with her son alongside now sister in law, Kate Middleton while the paparazzi snapped and published photos of her merely holding her son. While some critics believe she was just an inexperienced mother not knowing how to properly hold her child, others agree that she was cradling him in a protective manner to shield him from the photographers. If your life is constantly in the news and you wish to keep your infant safe, then the way that she was photographed holding her son seems completely feasible.

It’s also been noted by Yahoo that some of the online comments were downright facetious making snide remarks about Markle’s dress that day also, proving that no matter what she does she will always have to endure this type of behavior.

In this day and age you’d like to think that any mom can hold her baby as she sees fit, and unless she’s harming the child then it’s really not anyone’s concern. Remember being a new mother and how exhausted you are and then imagine being a public figure and having to have every move you make be criticized. It’s just not necessary, and we can do better as women to support each other going forward. Let’s wish Harry and Meghan a long life of healthy children and many blessings.


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