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Is The Menstrual Cup the Answer to Your Monthly Feminine Hygiene Concerns?


Have you heard of the newest invention to sweep the feminine hygiene aisle? The “menstrual cup” is creating quite a buzz for millions of females around the globe. Madame Noire reported that the cup was created as a method of feminine protection that would eliminate a lot of common concerns that traditional product use such as tampons or maxi pads can bring. Some issues that can occur from wearing pads or tampons are:

  • Leakage- no matter how cautious or prepared you may think you are for your monthly visit, there can always be times when you experience menstrual leaking. This can not only be embarrassing, but ruin your clothing in the process. You may have a heavy flow day that requires the use of layering tampons and pads to avoid any mishaps, and this can all make for a worrisome day.
  • Cost- if you aren’t a member of the female sex, consider yourself lucky as you likely save more money each month not having to purchase feminine products. One box of tampons usually costs around $7.00. Depending on how frequently you need to change them each period, you can easily go through an entire box of them each cycle. Add in the cost of pads and medications to decrease your other symptoms of your cycle such as bloating or cramping, and you’re spending anywhere from $10-$30 each month just on supplies to survive the week.
  • Less health risks- toxic shock syndrome is a very scary illness that can result in a hospital stay, or even be fatal. Regular tampons or pads absorb the flow, whereas the cup catches it instead in the cup. Cups are made of silicone or rubber and are not dangerous for those that suffer from allergies such as latex ones, as the materials that are used to make the cups are of medical grade products. The cups lead to less risk of infections, disease, and shock probabilities.

The cup will cost you around $20 plus tax and can be found at most local drug stores. Try it out for yourself and see if it is more comfortable or  something you wish to switch over permanently.





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