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Mental Health Ramifications of Millennials Spending The Holidays Alone Becoming Too Much?


The holidays are a joyous, magical time where everyone spends time with family and friends that they often only get the opportunity to see once a year. Many are now becoming keen to checking in on elderly family members, neighbors, and friends to ensure that they are not feeling lonely, or suffering in any way from being by themselves during this time of year. What most aren’t realizing yet is that the number of millennial adults now keeping to themselves during the holidays is on the rise, and it could have serious implications on their mental health.

A startling one in every ten millennials reported that they have no one else to be with during this time of year, as reported by recently. The stats for the senior citizen group is one every twenty that are spending it alone, which certainly is eye opening for many as most assume it’s the older generation they need to be concerned with, but as these reports are declaring, they aren’t the only group in need of companionship.

The millennial age base is those between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, who advise they feel pressure of financial strain around Christmas time, as well as a massive increase in anxiety. Add in the nonstop awareness that they can’t escape of holiday fun being plastered all over social media, and it definitely all makes sense. In past generations, social media was never an integral part of everyday life. If you wished to avoid hearing about what everyone else was doing during their own holiday celebrations, you simply didn’t answer the phone, but such is no longer the case. Social media has raised the bar in this sense, and if you are aiming to avoid feeling lonely during this time, it might be the last thing you wish to view is endless posts of others sharing the spirit with friends and loved ones.

Experts advise a best practice to look into if this is something you, or someone you know may be dealing with, is to plan ahead for the holiday weeks to have an action plan already in place. It doesn’t have to be spending time with other either, as many live far away from those they are close to and simply cannot be home for the celebrating due to work, or school commitments. Perhaps joining a social club that gives you an avenue to do something special just for yourself, and not end up feeling increased anxiety or loneliness during a time of year that is intended to be celebratory.





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