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Migraine Medicine Giant, Excedrin, Using Virtual Reality Campaign To Show Viewers Just How Debilitating A Migraine Truly Is


Have you, or your children tried out the newest phenomenon in gaming, “Virtual Reality”? It’s certainly grown in popularity exponentially in the last two years, with millions of homes having a VR set in 2018. While this is a fun activity for children as well as adults, can be dangerous to your health?

According to, perhaps. Recently, it’s been reported that many are suffering from an illness called “VR sickness”, which occurs after playing VR for a bit, and then developing symptoms such as headaches, or nausea. Excedrin, the headache specialists, have not only taken note of this epidemic, but also utilizing it as a teaching tool, creating a campaign called “Excedrin Works”, which uses VR in a few videos depicting what it is really like to suffer through a migraine. They creatively collected the statements and reports of what the symptoms are exactly like when they themselves suffer through a migraine, especially one at whilst at work. Symptoms can be blurry vision, flashing lights, head pain, and nausea.

It’s rather clever marketing, as the medication brand wants families of those with migraine challenges to see just how debilitating having one can be, and want them to purchase the medication for their loved ones. Excedrin company execs advised that they used VR as their marketing tool because they felt it was the most lifelike way to create the entire migraine experience for those who may haven’t ever had the torture of living with one. The company reported that they are also working closely with Nascar Driver, Danica Patrick, who will be depicting her real life experiences living with migraines via social media, and videos. Many feel that using the VR platform is a great way to connect with a new, younger audience, as well as their longtime followers providing them with a very real picture of migraine symptoms.





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