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Millions Of People Are Not Washing Sheets And Pillowcases Enough


This is kind of gross, right? There are so many disgusting health challenges that can arise just from sleeping in dirty bedding, that if most were aware them, they would likely over wash their sheets.

Poor skin for instance, is one ailment that can develop from sleeping on unsanitary pillowcases. Acne breeds in oily environments, and you sweat all night sleeping on your pillows, trapping all of that dirt, and oil into the fabric. Bed bugs is another cause for concern, and these tiny, little creatures can really devastate your life. Not only do they result in bites all over your skin, but they have been known to transmit diseases to humans as well. Scary stuff, and totally preventable!

The best way to keep your family safe and sound from illnesses, excess dirt, and bed bugs, you absolutely must endure a frequent schedule of sheet washing. According to Real Simple magazine, some 27% of people surveyed only change their bedding but once a month. That’s pretty astonishing once you realize how much you could be jeopardizing your health.

Experts are weighing in that you should clean your bedding once per week. This equates basically declaring one day a week as “sheet day” if you have a large family and need to wash several sets of sheets. Additionally, you should replace your pillows every two years. Your mattress needs to be replaced every eight years, and as far as sheets, most recommend swapping them out along with the pillows every two years. You can always hold onto the sheets for spare sets to store in a linen closet when your have company over, for kids to build a super cool fort, or when you have a sick child. The more sheet sets you have, the more they come in handy on days when you really need them! Toss yours in the washing machine today for one step closer to a healthier you!





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