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Is Mold Growing In Your Child’s Bath Toys?


Bath time is often the best few minutes of the day for millions of children, and parents alike. It brings a sense of calmness after a busy day for both parties, and typically occurs right around bedtime. Can danger be lurking where there is so much joy to happen? Yes, if you have bath toys that have holes in them.

Recently, NBC news reviewed a post that went viral over a giraffe bath toy that made every parent run for their bath tub toy bin and search for toys that are similar. The post depicted how mold was growing inside of the toy where water sat inside the toy through the hole. Once you take a quick peek at the bath toys lingering about your tub, you too may find a number of them with a hole in them. This hole makes for lots of fun for the child to squeeze the water out of the toy, but once the bath is over, the toys need to be adequately drained, or the leftover water inside of them will become stagnant and moldy.

The post involved a parent cutting open a toy and finding the mold, which obviously sent millions of parents running to their bathrooms to check their child’s toys. While this is understandable, experts told NBC news that they presume only kids with immunity challenges would suffer any symptoms of playing with a rubber toy that posed mold inside.

That would involve any children currently undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, or with a mold allergy. If you suspect your child may be experiencing mold allergy symptom, take them to an allergist and have them tested for it. Mold allergies pose symptoms that are identical to other allergies, such as runny noses, sneezing, eyes that begin to water. If your child begins to display any of these symptoms that run parallel with allergies, please speak with your doctor at once.





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