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Mom Guilt Is Very Real, And Often Can Be Too Much To Handle


Are you like millions of Moms on a Sunday evening, running through the house getting your kiddos all packed up and ready for a smooth week ahead? Are you a Mom that works outside of the home and are suffering from guilt from trying to balance that work/life situation? Maybe you’re a Mom that manages the household from home everyday chasing toddlers around and still trying to squeeze in a quick shower before school pick up in the afternoon? Sound familiar? You’re not alone, and it is exhausting and often rather overwhelming.

Famous female wrestler, Brie Bella recently reported that she too was feeling Mom guilt over not being able to successfully produce enough breastmilk for her adorable daughter, Birdie! Feeling guilty over the whole process of not being able to possibly continue to breastfeed solely without relying on formula is a crazy reason for any Mom to stress out. Think about the months that you’ve selflessly fed your child, getting up all hours of the night, and pumping for times when you can’t be there, and the soreness your body feels. It’s a lot to sacrifice, and any Mother than can do it for a week out to be beaming with pride, much less the accomplishment of doing it for months. You are amazing!

It really doesn’t end there either, as Mothers tend to carry a lot more stress and anxiety during the day over not being able to be with their little ones, or from not having enough money to enroll their kids into the programs that they wish. This is all totally normal, and happens to every parent Moms and Dads all over the world. The best thing to do is simply prioritize that in which you can control, versus worrying about the circumstances that you can’t. If you know you can change careers to better suit your schedule and be at home more often, then instead change the circumstances when you are at home to be more kid friendly. Take it day by day, but whatever you do, understand that all of us do this nonstop worrying to ourselves about trying to be the best parents. It’s not good for you, so be proud of the parents you are and spend more time enjoying your children instead of trying to be a version of parenting that often doesn’t even exist.





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