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Moms Fare Worse Than Dads For Sleep Deprivation


Sleep deprivation is a huge issue for any parent who is raising a small child. However, a recent study reveals that moms tend to lose more sleep than dads, overall.

Medical News Today advised that data was reviewed from over 5,800 parents, the study revealed that having kids in the home tremendously decreases the amount of hours a mother gets each night, but has little to no effect on a father’s night of sleep. While this may not surprise any mom out there, the research also revealed that women with kids are likelier to feel tired during the day versus those without kiddos.

As per the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), adults should be getting about seven to nine hours of sleep nightly, however over 35% of people out there do not meet these sleep standards.
For the research, the team reviewed numbers from a telephone survey that involved men and women, 45 years of age or under, across America. Individuals were asked about the amount of hours they slept nightly, how many times they felt tired, and the number of kids in the home.

Adequate sleep was defined as seven to nine hours nightly, whereas less than six hours of sleep was placed into the category of ‘insufficient’.

Women who had children were 14% less likely to get the seven hours of minimum sleep they needed, versus the women without kids. Sleep deprivation seemed heighten with more children in the home; with each added child linked to a 50% increase in chance of insufficient nightly sleep for moms. To boot, those ladies with kids in the home were also likelier to feel tired during the day, versus those without kids. Women with kids were reported, on average, to feel tired about 14 days monthly, versus the 11 days for women without kiddos.

Meanwhile, according to the research, a male with kids in the home had unaffected sleep nightly.
This might not be a surprising study, especially for parents with kids. Between feedings, teething, sickness, and nightmares, all parents have been on that rollercoaster ride of sleep deprivation. And while women do sometimes bear the brunt when it comes to middle-of-the-night wakings, the good news is men are increasingly becoming more involved in the daily (and nightly) parenting duties.





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