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How Much Can You Gain From Cutting Back On The Evening TV Watching?


If the title of this article scares you, then perhaps you are the exact type of person that would truly benefit from cutting back on the tv watching. One couple who considered themselves to be binge watchers most weeknights, decided to give this a try, and their results were pretty awesome.

Anne Roderique-Jones is a writer for Self, and she depicted this very experience that she and her husband endured by giving up television viewing for…wait for it…doing puzzles together! She reflected on the endeavor as a positive change, and one that she learned a lot from. Anne said she learned to practice patience by doing the puzzles, as sometimes you just won’t have all the pieces that fit quickly. They engaged in talking to each other about their day, and when they were watching tv, this type of chit chat wasn’t as frequent or fulfilling.

They also saved money by not going out as much to entertain themselves with expensive dinners or drinks. Instead, they would have cocktails indoors at home whilst puzzling the night away! It also helped them reconnect by eating their meals at the dinner table instead of perched in front of a tv screen for hours. Additionally, and one of the best perks of puzzle time for the couple, was that it encouraged them to work together as a team. It seems so silly to think that married couples need to be brought together for a reason to work as a team, but the day to day pressures of life can quickly creep up on any marriage, and this was a lovely way to reconnect for them.

Does this mean you need to stop watching television at once and take up knitting? By all means, no. It does however, equate that if you are like these couples and could use a break from the normal weeknight hustle and bustle, talking about a new activity for the two of you, or the whole family to enjoy together might be just the change you all need.





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