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How Much Sex Is Really Needed In A Relationship?


It’s the age-old question many couples struggle with. How much sex, is enough sex? Well, a new study, which was published in the Novermber issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science reveals that couples don’t necessarily need to ‘do the deed’ daily to enjoy the benefits of a happy, close, and healthy relationship. In fact, the study revealed that having sex once a week seems enough to sustain a happy relationship. While there are those couples who engaged in sex four (or more) times weekly, results revealed they were not happier than those who partook in the act, only once a week.

Amy Muise, lead author, Dalhousie University stated that couples can feel a certain pressure when it comes to engaging in sex, as much as possible. She goes on to state that having sex once a week is potentially more of a realistic goal, versus having sex daily; which may seem overwhelming to some.

The research revealed that sex can help increase one’s happiness, as it makes them more satisfied with their relationship. The study reviewed data from two different groups, including a U.S. National Survey of Families and Households of 2,400 couples that were married.

It’s important to note, there were some ripples within the study. Much like the chicken and the egg theory, Muise notes it is unclear what happened first within these relationships: happiness or sex. It could very well be that people who have sex one day a week are happy with their life and relationship already, and that the sex is not necessarily making them happy. Alternatively, it could also be that the sex itself, and engaging in the act weekly, is the factor. Or it could be a balance of both: sex increases happiness, and general happiness also helps with sex.

CNN reports that there is another catch to the study. While sex once a week might be just the right thing for one person in a couple, it could be too little or too much for another; thus causing conflict in a relationship. As Muise notes, there are those who find less sex per week the key indicator of happiness, and those who may be happier if they engage in the act more than once per week.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the people involved in the relationship, their lifestyle, and what truly makes them happy.





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