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Must Have Back to School Health Advice


It’s that time of year! Parents are excited to get their children back into the swing of things, and kids are stoked to see all of their friends again after summer holidays, but what about their health? Have you considered the many ways that you can prevent illnesses from kids heading back to school? Each year once school is in session, millions of boys and girls end up with the not-so-popular “back to school cold”. Doctors have some great tips to keep your kiddos free of sickness and free of missing days at school due to illness.

Dr. Thomas Phelps informed the team at WJHG that it takes a few weeks for the children to become acclimated to school germs all over again. Many kids don’t spend their summers within close contact with other kids to continue exposing them to a variation of germs to build up their immunity, so when school gets back in full swing, like clockwork, tons of kids develop colds, and even strep throat. Phelps also adds that it similarly takes a couple weeks to get back into a sleeping routine that best suits the new academic schedule as well. He advises that parents start putting their kids to bed at the regular school night time for a few days or even weeks prior to the first day of school so that their brains can start understanding this is the new schedule.

It’s also noted that if you have a child that is on any medications, or has illnesses such as asthma, it is best to get a leg up by contacting the school to work closely with the nurse on staff to get acquainted with your child.The same rules apply to those children that have any allergies, so that the child avoids any triggers, and the school has an Epi-pen on-board if any issues do arise. Some allergies can be so severe that the child only has hours to be injected and it can literally save their lives, so do not take allergies lightly when it comes to your kids as it is very serious.

Get a list together and review it with your child of any best practices or measures they need to take while they are at school to keep their health on point all year long.





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