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Why You Must Clean Out That Medicine Cabinet!


It may be passed the coveted spring cleaning season, but some places in your home absolutely must be maintained at least once per year to keep things not only tidy, but safe.

Your medicine cabinet may just be where you store those headache tablets for emergencies, but it can also be a place where millions of accidents happen right inside the home. Some keep prescription medications inside theirs, while others store dangerous washes, and sharp objects such as hair cutting sheers in others. You may be thinking that your cabinet is situated up high enough on the wall that little hands couldn’t possibly get themselves into any trouble, but think again.

Each year thousands of children consume medications, liquids, and poisons of all sorts that parents assumed were far out of their reach. They aren’t called accidents because they’re ever planned, and for this reason alone you must clean that cabinet out at least once per year to keep everyone safe.

There are tons of medications that have expiration dates on them that will need to be trashed to avoid any hiccups. You don’t want to take an old medication that may have lost it’s potency, and you don’t want to keep loads of tablets around that are simply taking up space in your home. If you have any children in your home, please consider placing all medications in a box in a closet, or a place that can be monitored to keep curious minds at bay. Sharp objects such as tweezers also need a new location so that kiddos don’t accidentally harm themselves with them.

Another growing epidemic is teenagers getting into trouble with prescription medications. Please consider locking any narcotics, stimulants, sleeping pills, or relaxers far away from bored teens. What previously was a kid taking a sip of his Dad’s whiskey bottle when no one was home back in the 80’s is now a much more dangerous game of trying to get a buzz. Teenagers have ended up becoming seriously addicted to hundreds of prescription drugs, and some have tragically paid the ultimate price of losing their lives over taking too many pills in one go. Imagine what those parents must have to bear living without their child all because they just never thought about locking up their medications? No one should have to endure that type of pain, and it can be prevented as much as possible by being proactive.

Penn Live recommends looking into a locking box, or toss your potentially hazardous drugs into your family safe for that added level of protection. You could potentially be saving a life!





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