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All-Natural Home Remedies To Survive Summer


It’s that glorious time of year again … summer! But with the warmer temperatures come scrapes, bumps, bug bites and sunburns. How do you help relieve the pain for loved ones, both young and old?Below are some all-natural home remedies by Chatelaine to help get you through any summertime suffering.

Cuts and scrapes: Whether you are at the park, in your backyard, or even inside your house – scrapes and cuts are a natural part of summer. To help heal and prevent scaring it is advised to clean minor scrapes and cuts with warm water, and then sprinkle all-natural goldenseal or comfrey-root powder on the area that is affected, daily.

Bug bites: Unfortunately, bugs and insects emerge (rather quickly) once the warm weather finally hits. To take the sting and itch out of any bug bite, create an all-natural solution using a little water, and some baking soda. The mixture should be a paste-like texture. You can also use a cold compress to soothe bug-bite pain.

Poisonous Plants: For anyone who has come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac – you know the pain, itch, and nuisance that the rashes of these plants can bring. Should you find yourself with a poisonous plant rash, oatmeal bath is the best home remedy. Blend up a cup of oatmeal in a food processor until it turns into powder, and then place in a cheese cloth (or even a foot of pantyhose will work as well). Knot the pouch up, and then tie it around the tap of your bathtub, so that the oatmeal mixture hangs under the running water. Fill up the tub, and enjoy a relaxing bath for approximately 30 minutes. Cold, cut up cucumbers applied directly to the area will also help relieve the itch of a poisonous plant rash.

Summer colds: We all get them at some point during the warmer months! Whether you are warding off a summer bug or something that hits you later on in the year; Echinacea tea is an excellent all-natural way to fight an emerging cold. Simply steep one tablespoon of dried Echinacea herb into two boiling cups of water and you are ready to go! Adding honey to the tea can also help with sore throats.





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