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Why Natural Sunlight May Cure Your Depression


While January may soon be over, the winter blues can leave quite an impact on millions of people suffering from those long, cold, and often sunless days. Between January and March it can be rather depressing having to bundle up just to step outside and fetch your daily mail, or to let your dogs out for just a few minutes. You may be one of those that leave for work in the morning and it’s dark out, and when you make your evening commute back home it is also dark out. It’s this routine that can have many developing challenges with their overall mood, or even some suffering from depression as a result.

According to Medical Daily, one doctor has noted that there appears to be an increase in evidence found regarding the benefits of light exposure to patients suffering from poor mood; primarily so if they are able to get some sunlight exposure earlier in the day. Those that work indoors with little to no exposure of sunlight will be the ones that may struggle with health challenges such as poor immunity, anxiety, and/or be living with a vitamin D deficiency.

It’s really no surprise as sunlight has been known to have a direct effect on serotonin levels for so many people. If you stay indoors most of the day and rarely get to be out enjoying the sunshine, it can definitely be a vicious cycle trying to gain back that sense of joy, or lower that anxiety level. Experts suggest that if you can obtain sunlight exposure in the morning that you will start instantly reaping the benefits. You may begin to feel a jolt of energy, or just an overall sense of feeling calm. It is best to physically be outdoors for this if at all possible, so perhaps making a quick ten minute break each day mid morning to walk outside can greatly help for those suffering from depression or anxiety.





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