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New Case Of Coronavirus Pops Up In U.S

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a new coronavirus case has popped up in Arizona, bringing the total number of confirmed cases across the United States up to five.

All American individuals infected with the illness, which includes a woman in her 60s, stemming from Chicago, a man from Washington state in his 30s, a patient in L.A. County, and a man in Orange County in his 50s (now also a fifth case in Arizona), had recently visited Wuhan, China, the region where the outbreak stems from. It is being said that the patient in Orange County is in “good condition” and in isolation at a hospital locally, and the L.A. County victim is being well treated at a hospital.

Barbara Ferrer, from the L.A. County Department of Public Health states that as with any respiratory illness, the public can take steps to decrease the risk around getting the virus and circulating it. This includes: washing hands with water and soap frequently, staying home when feeling sick, and getting a flu shot.

This newest case of the coronavirus in the U.S. comes off the cusp of the latest news from China’s Health Minister Ma Xiawei, who stated recently that individuals can spread this illness before they have symptoms. The CDC has noted that it is taking aggressive steps to halt the spreading of the illness across the U.S., and while the coronavirus is thought to be a serious health threat to the public, especially considering how contagious it is, the immediate risk for Americans is not that high at the moment.

There are close to 2,000 confirmed coronavirus cases within China, and approximately 56 individuals have died due to the illness. Health officials in the country have placed indefinite public travel and transport restrictions, with motor vehicles banned entirely within Wuhan’s city center, as of this past Sunday. Only cars with special permits, government vehicles, and free shuttles can move around; this measure placed to help control the flow of individuals to potentially contain the virus.

Additionally, other nations – like France and America – have placed efforts forth to evacuate citizens from Wuhan. Over 40 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in approximately a dozen other countries outside of China.

It is being said that coronaviruses can be passed on via people and animals. This outbreak in Wuhan has been connected to a market in the area that sold live animals and seafood, as well as wild species. As such, the government in China has placed a ban on selling wild animals.

As per Chinese health officials, Beijing is looking to deploy an added 1,600 medical professionals to help Wuhan with the increased numbers of coronavirus patients.