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A New Laser Procedure Can Help Get Rid Of Those Eye Floaters Once And For All


Maybe you don’t even notice them, but most people have them lurking in the eyes and once you spot one, it can be very frustrating to avoid looking at them. Eye floaters are extremely common, and the older we become, the more noticeable they become.

What is a floater? It’s basically a spot that can be black or gray in color for most patients, and they impede the vision like a bug in the eye would. They start to develop once the stickier substance that is naturally found inside the eye begins to become more of a liquid state; it then detaches from the rear of the eye wall causing these often annoying little floater to appear.

Treatments for floaters are as subtle as just observing the them by a professional over time to notice any possible changes. Changes such as the floater moving, or if you stop noticing them, as in your brain no longer recognizes the flecks inside the eye, it can be a challenge to come. Another option is to have surgery to remove any floaters, or to utilize a YAG procedure that opts to vaporize the floater with a laser.

Recently, 52 subjects underwent the laser option, and saw improvement in just days that lasted for six months. They also reported little to no side effects, which is much easier overall for the patient than the previous surgical option.

If you begin to notice any floaters in the eye, make an appointment with your eye specialist at once. The sooner you have it checked out, the better the outcome can be. Floaters aren’t the end of the world, and nowhere near are serious as something like cataracts or eye tumors, but they do need to be treated. To steer clear of any vision problems, always have at least an annual eye exam to ensure your vision is clear and healthy for years to come.





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