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New Research Reveals Your Dog Could be Making You Sick


Having a home with a dog awaiting your arrival each day is a loving place to reside. Dogs are incredibly loyal, sweet, intelligent, and will protect you with their lives, but could they possibly be making you not feel well also? Imagine all of those late night cuddles, the constant close contact you have with your furry friend, and the slobbery smooches they shower you with and it’s no surprise that we may be getting germs from them at some point.

A recent report from WAAY TV reports that you can obtain various illnesses from virtually any type of pet you have residing with you at home, but dogs specifically have a few ailments that they can pass on to their owners. Roundworm for example, can quickly be exchanged from your canine to you. Think of how many times you pick up outside after your dog, and how many opportunities that gives you during the week to retract the parasite. When you do the math, it’s almost amazing to not get sick with roundworm isn’t it?

Tapeworms are also no fun at all and can be potentially dangerous for humans, which can be transmitted from a dog with fleas. Children and babies tend to obtain tapeworms from their family dogs just from playing with their dog after the dog has finished licking a flea-infected area of their fur. The particles of the tapeworms can be left behind on the dog’s tongue, the dog then innocently licks the child, and viola, the child now has a tapeworm. Symptoms can be diarrhea to feeling nauseous, but usually can be treated rather quickly with the instruction of your pediatrician. To avoid illnesses from your pets, always make hygiene a priority. Giving regular baths, brushing them accordingly, and always checking for things such as ticks or fleas can be a way to win half the battle.





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