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New Research On Spanking Reveals Higher Probability of Dating Violence Later In Life


It’s a highly debated topic no matter where you reside, and can often ruin a relationship, or silence a room, but the decision on how to discipline your children is one that can’t be taken lightly. Years ago, you would be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t spank their children when they were getting out of hand, but now in 2017, there are more parents that utilize alternative forms of punishment for poo behavior, such as time outs, or taking a toy away for the day over resorting to the corporal punishment route. New research recently reported on CNN, divulged that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises against striking children for any reason, as it has been known to link spanking to various mental health disorders, and even aggression.

The data that was further explained on CNN recently, depicted that regardless if a child was a victim of child abuse through for instance, not only spanking the child with a hand, but perhaps with a belt or paddle; that both groups of children that were paddled once have a higher likelihood of being involved in some form of dating aggression. The article goes on to touch base on the point of how children look to their parents for not just development on a daily basis, but that they also adore their parents, and when spanking is interjected, it can often blur the line between love and violence.

Spanking is more prevalent in certain geographical areas as well, such as the souther states across the country, where you will find the majority of parents enforce this type of punishment versus a much smaller number of them do so in the northern areas. There is also the tradition of it running in your family that can play a role. Many feel that they were spanked as kids, and it prevented them from turning into “bad kids”, and so they feel the act is acceptable and tried and a tried and true tactic. One thing that is for certain, whether you decide as parents to opt for spanking as part of your disciplinary arsenal or not needs to be fully agreed upon between both parents, because if one party is totally against it, and the other is spanking the children, it will often end in a very aggressive confrontation between Mom and Dad.


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