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New Study Has Doctors Urging Parents to Cut Back on Pizza


There are very few kids in the world that don’t adore chowing down on a piece of pizza, but with the current news on the favorite party food, you may want to decrease their intake of it. A new study out from George Washington University discovers perhaps not surprising facts about the food, but is encouraging parents especially to have their children not dine on pizza as frequently as they have in the past.

Pizza is high in calories, and according to the study done by Dr. William Dietz; 20% of children young and old are consuming it for lunch or dinner every day. Dr. Dietz is the Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness Director that partnered with the Washington University to thoroughly analyze questionnaires from participants regarding their dietary choices over a span of a whopping eight years.

The findings depicted that 20% of calories were accounted for in youth daily meals as a result of consuming pizza. In addition to how high that percentage may seem to most, the pizza they ate accounted for 600 calories over what their daily intake should have been at the time in correlation with their age and height. It was as if a pattern of poor eating habits kicked in possibly on the pizza consumption days that caused a spiral effect of continuing to eat other junk foods. Think of the adult trying to eat clean or maybe on a diet that has a tiny cheat with a scoop of ice cream, then it dominos out of control into a day of crazy binge eating. These participating children seemed to have the same mindset on pizza days.

Dr. Dietz isn’t exactly expecting parents to pull the plug entirely on pizza and really cutting anything completely out of your life can result in binge eating as then you feel trapped from food. Instead, he is urging parents to simply just not allow kids to eat it several days per week and to choose healthier forms of pizza. Eating ones smothered in cheeses are greasy and extra fatty, but if you chose vegetables to cover most of the dough you could be getting much needed vitamins into your children instead of useless calories.

Pizza has become an American dining epidemic more recently due to so many families being incredibly busy during the week. Kids have sports and other activities they are tied to, and the parents are just trying to keep up their housework on top of a career, and raising their children. It comes as no surprise that so many are turning to pizza for a dinner option just in lieu of its convenience alone. With childhood obesity continuing to grow on a global scale, it is imperative that parents start to make action plans for healthier eating practices. For example, if you know you have a busy week coming up, plan ahead as much as possible. Prepare meals and freeze them, pack sensible lunches, create crockpot dinners that cook themselves while you’re at work, or make plans for dining out at places that offer meals rich in proteins and vegetables.

The decision to be healthy takes some work, but for parents creating healthy habits for your children will last a lifetime.





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