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New Study Proves Having An Active Social Life Is Good For Seniors To Stay Healthy!


It’s likely no surprise to most that seniors can often suffer a decline in their health if they are alone on a daily basis, as your mental health can impact so much of your physical health. One of the biggest challenges that families face when their loved ones get into those golden years, is how will be able to take care of themselves alone? Will they be safe? Will they be lonely? New research shows that if those seniors are living with some form of a social life, even meeting with peers or friends twice per week, that they could very well be obtaining a natural method of increasing their brain health just by sharing a meal, or playing a card game.

The research team at Northwestern University has been busy looking into the group of “SuperAgers”, and how their memories are often more sharp than those much younger in their 30’s. During the studying process, they look into resources such as brain scanning, and neuropsychological testing. The findings displayed the Superager group members as those with thicker cortexes, they also had a resistance to things like age-related atrophy, and larger area of the brain where it stores the functions of how to pay attention, and how to operate an exceptional memory abilities.

Those that do participate in routine social engagements, such as group meeting settings for an hour or two a few times per week have a wonderful edge up on their peers that don’t engage in social activities. The article on the Chicago Tribune describing all of these wonderful findings certainly brings some light to the topic of how such a subtle change in your week can make lifelong lasting improvements in your health. Start now, if you feel you aren’t getting enough socialization in you week. Perhaps you’re a stay at home parent that mostly spends your time around little ones with seldom time interacting with adults. Getting involved in a social setting even once per week for 1 hour could greatly improve not only your memory, but your sanity, and your self esteem as well.





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