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New Study Releases That Living Next to Trees is Great For Your Health


Are you like most families currently trying to take charge of your health? Have you considered moving to where there are a vast number of trees to boost your well-being? Researchers are alerting the public that this simple habit of residing close to some shady trees can actually help your overall health. The informative case was presented in the Washington Post recently, where it depicts some interesting findings regarding your cognitive and psychological abilities as a result of tree living.

Mr. Omid Kardan is one of the main psychologists working on this project from the University of Chicago, who took his data from the streets of Toronto. There were over 500,000 trees broken into categories to include: the diameter of the tree, the species of the tree, and the location of them as well. Then, the researchers took into consideration the measurements of the space in which the trees were residing on non-public areas, such as within someone’s personal residence lot; in their backyard, off to the side of the home, or planted in their front yards.

The next step in the study was to evaluate the residents living next to trees personally as far as their overall health was concerned. They retrieved the health records for some 30K residents locally in the Toronto area, noting the presence of cardiac issues, cancer, diabetes, mental health, and so much more. What they found was rather interesting; the more that were surrounding the homes that were situated on the actual street, the healthier the residents were.

So, what are the benefits that can come from living close to trees? They found that those that reside in a neighborhood with at least ten trees have a similar lifestyle to those that would be around 7 years younger than they were or made an additional 10K a year in salary. Picture if you were earning an extra ten thousand dollars per year, and how that may take your health into a better direction. Or if you could shave seven years off of your life, how those particulars would mold your life today. Everyone would feel a bit healthier if they could go back seven years, right?

Those who resided in a housing community with 11 or more trees along the way had even better results with their health, such as lower chances of stroke, cardiac ailments, obesity, and diabetes. Pretty darn remarkable all attributing to having some shady trees about!


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