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NFL Houston Texans Partner With Kroger to Teach Kids About Eating Healthy


Parents, we need to chat. Our kids, who will be the future leaders of the country, aren’t going to be very healthy ones if we fail to instill healthy food choices into their daily lives. Take a quick inventory of what is living in your kitchen pantry? Is it foods that welcome growth, brain function, promote energy, or help to maintain a healthy weight for your little ones? If you are similar to most busy families, cooking fresh meals each day is a dream not exactly a reality. Thankfully, the Texans team are doing their part to help Mom and Dad out this summer season.

The team has partnered with Kroger to create a fun way to get local Houston kiddos exposed to nutrition by racing around the store with a shopping list of health foods and some stunning cheerleaders to help them along the way! Talk about a sweet trip to pick up some milk! Texans Quarterback Brian Hoyer and mascot TORO rallied up the children and were pleased to help guide them to healthier lifestyle planning.

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Photo Courtesy of the Houston Texans

The Chronicle reports that there were autographs, cooking presentations, raffles and a day full of fun for all involved. Teaching overall good health starts at home, and eating a well-balanced diet isn’t always at the forefront of busy families these days. QB Hoyer had this to say about his participation in the venue:

“I have two young kids myself and have been trying to get them to eat healthy; getting in fruits and vegetables and the importance of establishing that at a young age; I’ve been going through that now.”

Over 300 kids showed up for the extravaganza Tuesday night, and many got to meet the newest addition to the Texans franchise. The team returns to the field for their first regular season game September 13th to square off against the Chiefs.





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