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Is Your Nightly Glass of Wine Giving You a Headache?


Have you given up on having a swanky wine drinking party because you always get headaches from consuming wine? You aren’t alone, and with a little bit of research, some are claiming the headaches they are getting as a result of the sulfates that are inside your wine. Sulfates are known to be a step in the fermentation practice to ensure the wine doesn’t spoil from bacteria or yeast. Those that manufacture wine find this step as a crucial piece of making the drinks as without the added sulfates, there just wouldn’t be enough already in the wine naturally.

The Indian Wine Academy reports that wine isn’t the only thing you will find sulfates in, as they can also be found in tons of processed foods. Back in the 80’s the Federal Drug Administration reported that they were classifying sulfates as allergens. This was as a result of numerous asthma cases being developed, and in turn they were eliminated from being added to fresh, raw foods such as vegetables or fruit. Sulfates are supposed to be displayed on the labels if they contain level of 10 mg per liter or higher. If the amount if lower, the wine maker is permitted to classify the wine as “sulfate free” even though in reality it isn’t.

While everyone is different in the way that their bodies react to certain additives or foods for that matter, there are many that feel the sole reason they develop headaches when drinking an occasional glass of wine is due to the sulfates added. A good way to judge if it is the sulfates is to consume other foods that contain higher levels of sulfates such as chips, soy sauce, or dried fruits. If you find that you continue to develop headaches, then odds are your body just doesn’t agree with the sulfates as those foods tend to have a much higher amount of added sulfates.

If you aren’t willing to give up your favorite glass of red wine, then have no fear as there are currently a large amount of organic wines on the market that also have a much lower amount of them per bottle. Some find that sipping water whilst drinking wine helps to dilute the sulfate induced headache as well.





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