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One Runner’s Journey Will Motivate You To Stick With Your 2018 Fitness Goals


It’s the first day of a new year, and that means you have to actually follow through with those goals you made for yourself this 2018! Yikes! It’s a scary, yet exciting time to see all that you truly can accomplish this year with just a touch of determination. The problem is, where do you dig deep to find the motivation each day to keep up your promises to yourself? Take a peek into one man’s comical, and incredible journey with his commitment to start running.

Phil Daoust depicted his running progress quite hilariously on The Guardian, where you can definitely relate to everything he touches on in his article, from losing weight, to the days when he loathes running. It’s worth the read for sure, but here are the main take aways from the piece that everyone needs to hear on this first day of the year:

* He focuses on the tiny wins- such as noticing during his first few runs that he is half way through the run for that particular day, and finds that motivation to continue on the last half of his run.

* Running easily fits into just about any lifestyle- you don’t need a fancy gym membership, or even a treadmill at home, you can run around your neighborhood, or where you work with ease. When you go out of town for business or pleasure, you can still run just about anywhere, which makes this a wonderful way to get into shape without overextending your wallet.

* Paul also cut back on sweets- in order to be extremely healthy overall, how you fuel your body is so very important for success. Maybe you’re thinking you aren’t in it for weight loss, but to gain a tighter frame; doesn’t matter, you only get one body, and what you eat everyday does matter. Stay hydrated, and always try to have fruit, or vegetable with every meal. Beware of making a habit out of late night eating to avoid consuming a lot of calories right before bedtime, as that food never gets a fair chance to be burned off once you hit the sack for the night.

Most importantly, try documenting your progress as much as time allows. Take before and after photos, or use smartphone apps to track how far you’ve come so that you utilize that success as fuel to continue onward with the rest of your journey.





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