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Does Your Overall Mental Health Start To Suffer During The Holiday Season?


The holiday season can be a glorious time to see relatives that perhaps you haven’t seen in years, as well as spending time with your children and really diving into that Christmas spirit and joy that is treasured by all. As beautiful as that all sounds, it just isn’t how everyone feels during the month of December, as millions suffer from being alone, from depression or anxiety, and have a really hard time just getting by through these last weeks of the year.

According to the Huffington Post, those with mental health challenges often struggle the most with the nonstop pressure that the holidays can bring. The fact that you can’t exactly avoid the buzz of the holidays no matter where you go, it sort of throws it in your face for those suffering with perhaps the loss of someone they love around Christmas. Maybe you’ve recently lost your job and don’t have any idea how you’re going get by financially during and after the holidays. Perhaps you’ve broken up with the love of your life, and this is the first holiday that you’ll be celebrating without your other half. The list can go on and on as to reasons why the holiday weeks can be extremely daunting for millions. The important piece seems to be controlling the stress before it begins.

Experts reveal the best bet is to plan ahead for the busy party season before any anxiety really has time to sink in. Make plans with a local group of others just like yourself and do something fun around the month of December. You’ll not only have some engagements to look forward to, but make new friends, and not be spending so much consecutive time alone. Who knows, you may find a best friend for life at one of these events? You don’t have to be the person that signs up for 10 social meeting events in one week, because no one can keep up at that pace. You can however, sign up on Facebook or through your local church for one or two group events such as dining out as a group, or playing a game in a restaurant as a large group to meet new people, and have some fun during what may be a very anxious time for you. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!





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