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Are Some Overweight Adults Healthier Than Those At Their Ideal Body Weight?


Would you believe a doctor if they told you that it was totally ok to be overweight, and that there may even be some health advantages to being overweight? Most probably wouldn’t agree with that statement, but there are few studies that are trying to convey a message of “overweight may in some cases, have its advantages”.

It’s well known that two-thirds of adults residing in the United States is overweight. Researchers have recently put some effort into studying the difference between those that are heavy and lead a sedentary lifestyle, and those that may be overweight, but still getting in some fitness each week. The studies are depicting the newest terminology in weight gain philosophy; “obesity paradox”. This basically means that there are people that are overweight with a body mass index of between 25-29.9 that have the ability to higher survival and longevity rate than those with lower BMI’s.

The truth is that appearances can often be misrepresentations of someone’s actual overall health. For example, you can come across someone extremely thin that has nothing but skin, bones, and muscle tone showing on their bodies, and after a total physical, they end being extremely unhealthy on paper. Same theory applies to those that are walking around with a few extra pounds. Heavier folks can often be fit and engage in activity more often than their skinnier counterparts.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the moral of the story is being fit can be of more importance than being an ideal weight. Focusing on other factors of great health are imperative; such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and what your particular cholesterol levels are should instead, be the forefront of your health goals. Thin isn’t always healthy, and neither is being overweight, but to categorize an entire grouping of people that could very well get plenty of activity or have health challenges that impacts their weight, is just foolish.





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