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Palo Verde Tree Causing Major Havoc On Arizonians


Ah springtime is in the air! Flowers are blooming all around the state of Arizona, and while it’s an absolutely stunning aesthetic, it can equate lots of allergy challenges for millions of residents. One particular tree, the Palo Verde, is solely responsible for Phoenix area residents running to their doctors to get prescription allergy medication to help alleviate some of the misery.

It’s a beautiful tree that Palo verde, with it’s bright yellow blooms showing up everywhere, but it certainly leaves behind quite a mess. Landscapers are having a heck of a time trying to keep the yellow debris off the roads and sidewalks alike. It seems as if everywhere you turn, they’re aimlessly walking up and down the neighborhoods with leaf blowers often for hours trying to clean the yellow fluff.

The challenges don’t end there either, as thousands of valley residents are suffering with severe allergies from the massive Palo Verde blooming season. Watering eyes, never ending nose blowing, and sneezing for what seems like the vast majority of the day, is exactly the pickle most are finding themselves in.

The Daily Courier reported that the Palo Verde is the state tree in Arizona, and although your allergy symptoms may start to settle down a bit soon, don’t think the tree as a species will be going anywhere anytime soon. Most Palo’s live to about 100 years, with some variations living until they’re 400! If you can’t get away from them this time of year, then at least do yourself a favor, and get on allergy medicine routine. Most find taking a tablet or two before bedtime is the best option as they tend to make some feel a bit on the drowsy side. They do sell forms that are to be used for daytime allergy relief, but to be on the safe side, always take one at night before administering any during the day that you aren’t accustomed to. And most importantly, do not drive a vehicle after taking any type of medication that can alter your state of mind like allergy meds often do.

If you find that you still can’t get much relief, maybe it’s time to see a local allergist. This is a quick, and painless way to better identify exactly what it may be that is causing your symptoms. Ask your family physician for an allergist referral, or simply contact your health insurance company to locate one that is a part of your network. In the meantime, steer clear of the outdoors until you can better manager your symptoms, and definitely plan ahead for the next blooming season so that you’re locked and loaded next time these pretty yellow trees start fertilizing like crazy!





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