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Pediatric Cancer Patient Turning Heads With His Own Willingness to Help Others


Think back to when you were 13 years old. Would you consider yourself a young teen that was involved in charitable projects? Most wouldn’t as they were likely playing sports, hanging out with friends, or playing video games. Such is certainly not the case for young Brayden Hughes of Houston, Texas.

In thirteen short years, Hughes has already battled being born severely premature, having surgeries, autism, and bullying at school. In July 2015, Brayden was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that developed in his spinal cord and grew up a few vertebrae causing fractures and immense pain. Treatment has been long and hard, but he is currently of the mindset that he is cancer free. Pending another scan, he appears to have beaten the beast, and isn’t exactly standing around celebrating.

Hughes opted to take action when he started meeting other children going through radiation and chemotherapy that were in much tougher battles than he himself. These children have financial struggles, and some are even terminal. Brayden started a Gofundme account to start delivering much needed supplies to other kids with cancer, such as food, gift cards, toys, formula, diapers, you name it.

People are taking note of his philanthropic efforts by sharing his charity page, mailing items to his house to donate to other kids, and even holding charity events themselves to raise proceeds for Brayden’s cause. The next event will be held in Mesa, Arizona. Brayden’s parents have both been heavily involved in the Mixed Martial Arts community for many years; it’s a passion of theirs, and one that Brayden has also become versed in. As a result, their friends in the MMA world have graciously set up a grappling event open to the public to raise funds for Brayden’s cancer charity.

Here are the details:

Held- April 23rd @ 1:00PM

Team Beauregard Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
145 W Broadway Rd # 8 Mesa, AZ 85210

What in the world is a grapplethon??

Grapplethon is NOT A TOURNAMENT. It is an open mat fundraising training session where grapplers from various BJJ teams join together to train for a predetermined period of time, supporting individuals going through life struggles such as death in the family, terminal illness, serious injury, and other burden hardships.

What is the Cause: Grapplethon Arizona beneficiary will be Brayden Hughes who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Price: The cost to attend will be $ 10.00 (However if you choose to donate more that is totally fine. Cash or Check Only)

Format: 6 Minute Rolls (timer style). Gi and No-Gi. Everyone is welcome (men, women, teens, & children.

Raffle Prizes: There will be 7 raffle gifts up for grabs at the event. Raffle prizes will be raffled after every 12 minutes (2 rolls) so everyone will received their prize during the event!!!

In-Door entry Gift: First 30 people to show up will receive an exclusive Grapplethon patch!!

To donate directly to Brayden’s charity please click here…

If you have any direct questions contact Monta Wiley or Ryan Bearegarud via Facebook.





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