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Why Pediatricians Are Urging Parents to Hold Off on Administering OTC Cold Medications


When you have a sick child, a lot is at stake, and as a parent you only want them to get better as soon as possible. Many parents have to take the day or even the week off of work if they have a sick kiddo, so often they turn to the quickest method of relief by using over the counter cold and cough medicines. These have been used for decades, but are they they best option for your children?

Pediatricians have been quite vocal on the topic lately, advising that there never truly has been evidence with merit that proves over the counter medications work. They can instead come with a slew of side effects that most Moms and Dads don’t even think about when they just want their baby to get a peaceful night’s sleep. The Food and Drug Administration recommended a few years ago that parents and guardians stop administering OTC meds such as these to any child under the age of six years old. Severe side effects have been noted with infants and toddlers under the age of 2, which can include cardiac challenges, convulsions, or in awful cases, some have even reported death occurring.

Doctors have also reported that OTC medications aren’t beneficial for adults either. Some of the medications, especially cough variations, contain alcohol or antihistamines. Essentially, if you have a runny nose, a sore throat, or start to feel achy all over, try a natural approach before reaching for the OTC remedies is what is suggested.

NBC Columbus advises the use of nasal saline drops, and acetaminophen are great ways to start combatting your cold. Use a steam bath, a Neti pot, or good old fashioned chicken noodle soup to get you back to your day. If after a few days of trying the natural approach you still find yourself not feeling too well, make a call to your doctor, or stop by to take next steps.





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