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Physician House Calls Making A Comeback In 2017


Going to the doctor can often be an all day long task for thousands of patients throughout the United States; then you add in the cost, the insurance challenges many face, and some just can’t afford to take the day off from work to have a check up. Decades ago, you could be a parent concerned for your child and call your family doctor with your child’s symptoms, and often they would pay the child a visit at home. Such is no longer the case; that is, unless you want to shell out the cost of having such personal services. You can pay a fee to have a consultation with a medical expert via your smartphone now, which can run you anywhere from $50 to over $100, depending on the doctor. Alternatively, if you’re a Medicare patient, you can often qualify for home visits under your care plan, which is becoming quite popular for babies, and seniors on the coverage all over the country.

If you’ve ever had a sick infant and reside where it snows in the winter, you know all too well the inconvenience it can be to bundle your baby up, and try to get to the hospital safely. It can be a huge pain, and the same goes for senior citizens that are suffering an illness. Often they suffer injuries just getting themselves to the hospital, or to an urgent care center, which is why having the flexibility to obtain medical care right from your living room can be a massive step in safety for these patients.

KATU news reported one family in particular putting this type of care to good use in the Portland, Oregon area. Dr. Phillip Dove, who works under the Landmark Health system, is a busy physician serving the community in this fashion. He advises that he typically has around ten home visits each week, and finds that it certainly takes the pressure off of patients that may not want to go to the doctor, but definitely need to be seen. You can imagine with the help of technology and methods of sending prescriptions electronically, that more and more patients will be getting their symptoms checked this way in years to come.





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