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PMS Can Be Debilitating For Millions Of Women; Is Relief In Sight?


Over the past few decades the whole topic of premenstrual symptoms have become a lot less taboo, and more of a medical situation that doctors and female patients are coming together to discuss in great detail. It’s no longer this stigma of being called a woman with “PMS”, and now there seems to be a better understanding of how severe these hormonal changes can be for millions of ladies.

Some women stay on the pill long after they ever have a need to just to keep their cycles in check, prevent possible acne outbreaks, and to decrease cramping. Others already know their cycle is coming from the debilitating migraines they suffer for often 2-3 days right before their period begins. Add some unbearable cramping to that headache and you can easily see why so many females are being forced to call in sick to work just to cope with the symptoms. There are very few employers willing to allow any employee to work from home, or call off once a month for any medical reason, so you can imagine how challenging this whole debacle can be to juggle for a working woman.

Dr. Susan Hutchinson advised The Hindu recently about this very issue providing some crucial facts such as women were documented as visiting headache clinics twice as many times as men due to hormonal reasons. That’s a pretty telling statistic, and we must do a better job at better managing these symptoms for women, and also at somehow providing them with at least a better understanding of how troublesome something as natural as having a monthly period can truly be.

Some expert knowledge on the topic is to be on top of your cycle so that you know when it’s coming. That is, if you have a cycle that is predictable as many unfortunately do not have that pleasure. If you happen to be a scheduled one, then by all means start preparing days before it arrives. Drink more water, get decent sleep that week, have OTC items such as Ibuprofen on hand for cramping, and some even recommend talking to your doctor about taking different birth control methods to control the hormonal drop before it starts. This can be life changing for tons of women, as suffering for days at a time with the fuss of menstrual bleeding, headaches, cramping, and feeling very irritable can wreak complete havoc on their lives at home and at work. Talk with your primary care doctor or your gynecologist if you are having these aforementioned challenges, and get on a plan to start decreasing those symptoms and back to your daily life today!





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