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Could Pole Dancing Be The Workout You’re Craving?


Forget the popular stigma associated with pole dancing for just a minute if the mere topic makes you giggle or uncomfortable, because there’s a lot more to learn about the dancing style than just high heels and lingerie. For instance, let’s say you’re on a fitness journey this year to get that summer beach body, so you’ve been tirelessly cranking out the early morning cardio sessions. Running on a treadmill is great exercise, but it’s not entertaining whatsoever, in fact, it’s often known as being one of the most boring ways to burn calories running on a machine and getting nowhere. What if you could be dancing to music you like, having fun, and burning 800 calories in one hour pole dancing session? Sounds like an obvious choice, right?

Pole dancing classes are popping up in fitness centers all over the globe, and its even becoming quite cult like with women bringing their friends to sessions, then going out for dinner or drinks afterward. Interestingly enough, it has taken the act of pole dancing from something that many find demeaning to women, and turned it into something that is empowering ladies instead.

Whether you’re a fan of pole dancing or not, you have to give credit where its due here, and this is no easy workout. Those girls working in clubs must have some core strength, and seriously chiseled arms from spinning themselves around so much. According to the team at 10TV, the dancing works basically your entire body like a one stop shop for fitness. Skip the weight lifting and running on a treadmill to get all of your muscles in shape, by taking up pole dancing you get an all in one workout.

It’s a super fast way to get toned and strong without costing a fortune; you can even install a pole at your home for a truly convenient daily workout routine. Try it out today at your local fitness center and see what all the fuss is about!





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