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Are Your Poor Dietary Habits The Culprit For Your Adult Acne?


Very few people don’t stress out or suffer from a decrease in self confidence once developing some form of adult acne on their skin. It isn’t just for teenagers anymore, as millions of adults ranging from 20-50 are still coping with the effects of complexion challenges.

Acne can be hormonally driven even well into adulthood, especially for women that are having children and toggling back and forth with various forms of birth control. Often taking the pill can be recommended by your doctor as a way to combat your acne and balance your hormones, but for some this only worsens it. Some other reasons why acne can form after your 20’s is due to your dietary habits. Remember when you were a child and you were told endless times that eating chocolate was going to ruin your skin? Well, that may not totally be the case, but due to a recent article published on Yahoo, your diet can very well have an impact on your complexion.

The study results revealed in the article were proving that those who began a low glycemic diet required less medication for their acne. There’s also a large percentage of folks that suffer from acne due to eating dairy products or sugary foods. Some simple changes such as limiting your dairy, sugar, or fried foods for a small time frame could paint a much more telling picture for you going forward. Experts also reveal that makeup and your skin are routine could also be a part of the issue, so always wash your face upon waking up and before bed. Dermatologists have always advised the importance of getting all the makeup and dirt off your face from the day before bedtime, as it can clog your pores otherwise rather quickly.

Drinking the recommended amount of water each day can also help to clear skin challenges up quickly. If you’ve tried the dietary changes, and stepped up your hygiene routine, and still found no improvement, be sure to speak to your doctor about possibly beginning an acne medication.





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