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Is It Possible To Take 8 Years Off Of Your Age?


Staying in tune with your health has never been easier, with advancements such as pedometers, scales that detect your BMI, and apps on your smartphone to remind you of your daily fitness goals. Pedometers seem to be the biggest, and most user friendly form of health help currently used by millions. Everyone takes steps each day; and strapping on a step counter to your wrist can quickly tell you how much, or how little you are moving. For those that have desk jobs, and sit for most of the day, wearing a pedometer can often be a huge wake up call to get moving.

KUTV recently did a piece on this very subject, with the high points suggesting that if you manage to sit less than 10 hours per day, and you get exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, that you’ll be on your way to a healthier you!

Seems easy enough, right? Just make sure that you are moving during the day at some point, and hold yourself accountable by using the help of a pedometer to keep you honest. If you follow this method of 30 minutes of activity per day and do not sit for ten or more hours a day, experts are claiming that you can actually shave eight years off of your age.

Most that utilize a pedometer, or the step counter app on their phones have advised that they take their activity level more seriously since starting to hold themselves more accountable. It’s funny to see how often you actually move during the day, as opposed to how much perhaps you thought you were moving. Doctors report that getting in at least 5,000 steps per day to start off is a good stepping stone goal. 10,000 steps is a few miles per day, which sounds daunting, but it’s extremely attainable if you run around cleaning your house, or play outside with your children for an hour, or walk around your local grocery store for 20 minutes. Make yourself some obtainable goals, and stick to them by using apps such as Fitbit, or Apple health to see how far you’ve come!





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